Friday, December 9, 2011


I know it took me some time, but I have photos of my Typhus at last.
After the contest I worked on the model a bit more. I increased saturation of the armour and the contrast, and improved the alien in the ground. Enjoy :)

Wiem, że trochę to trwało, ale wreszcie mam zdjęcia Tyfusa.
Po konkursie dopracowałam model. Nasyciłam kolor pancerza, zwiększyłam kontrast i dopracowałam malowanie obcego w ziemi. Miłego oglądania :)

We showed great determination trying to make our own Christmas cards, but it took us 3 days to make only 4 cards. We wouldn't be ready before mid-January this way... ;P
So we chose one of them and we are going to copy it. Does it count as cheating?

Dzielnie walczyliśmy w temacie kartek świątecznych, ale w 3 dni zrobiliśmy 4 obrazki.
W tym tempie zdążylibyśmy z nimi na połowę stycznia ;P
Wybraliśmy jeden i powielimy go. Czy to oszustwo?


Phew, I am proud of us anyway :D

Phi! Ja i tak jestem z nas dumna :D


  1. Wow your an awesome parent! My children are only allowed to touch the craft paints, my oil and Vallejo paints are FORBIDDEN.

  2. Nice color scheme ... on the x-mas card =)
    The mini is awesome too! Oh yeah, approximatly 13 month to go until my little daughter might start to run (ehm walk) and to restructure my workspace ... hehe :-p!

  3. Thanks :)

    Oh yes Muzzlehead - I think that I will have to use this rule too, because (what you can see on the photos) Balrog went to the second stage: "open it" :>

    Congratulation Daniel! Maybe you won't have to move to the dining room ;P

  4. Thx! Haha ;) I bet I´ll have to.

  5. The colors on your Typhus are really cool, not your standard choice. The shading and lighting must be even more impressive in person. Great mini.


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